Memories from the future( one that happened into another universe)- romanul la care lucrez in prezent :)

How could you know these kind of things?he asked me.
It' hard to tell and I'm sure you won't belive me.No one does.They say I went crazy, losing my mind because of the things I couldn't deal with......
-Let's not talk about that.Just tell me,try to explain as better as you can.And I'll try to understand.Ok?Please say it 'cause you made me really curios
-People thnk that  time is like a straight line with only one sense.I disagree, time is more like a circle we cannot escape from,we live the same things,go trough the same experiences over and over again.I can't say right now what the purpouse fot that,but I'm damn sure that whoever is playing with us this way,probably God,has a good reason.
-But if we live so many lifes, why do we make the same mistakes, why don' we remember about the previous lifes?
-I don't know.Maybe we are wicker then we used to be, maybe we forgot about our true nature.You know...we are more than you can see.than you ever imagined.We used to be so special,we had a lot of skills,something more like...special you see only in science fiction movies....
Wow,gosh,we are getting these things out from?when you talk about them,you look like you see them,like you're out of this world and live into anothers one where all these are possible.
-Maybe I'm out of this world.But actuall I think I'm with one leg in this world, with my other leg in a completly different world...Enough with that,otherwise we will talk forver,so many things I can you about this...if you forgot already I'm living in both worlds so I can chat with you all day long about it, till i die in one of them or both.
-Don't laugh,that's not funny,how can you talk so...happy...about death?
-Because I'm not afraid of it,I'm more the type that fears life,rather then death.
-Now you're relly pissing me off,how can you say that?How can you speak about  death as if it's a good thing?
-What makes you think it's not?I think that life is just a train, or a road, and death means nothing else but getting out of the train in the right station, and then by birth you jump into another train,walk on another road.That's why I am not afraid of death.It's a release,an escape,a break,time off,sleep.whatever you wanna call it.You get rid of everything and move on,evolve,ascend ...
-Interesting,but for me it's scary...i'm stooned....probably just to much information at once.
-If you want...I can stop,I'm sorry,I never ment to scary you,but there's no other way to talk about these kind of things.We are scared only because we don't know much about then.It's the unknown that's actually freaking us out,not the things themselvs.
-No,no way,please,keep talking,even as scared as I am,I'm still curious,so go on
-Ok,well...what was your last question ?
-I asked you how do you know things about the future and you said something about life,as being like a closed circle.
-Oh,I remember now.What I was trying to explain with the life as a circle is that life is repetead..
-I don't understand!!
-Ok.Let's make it easy.First,try to picture in your mind a circle...
-What kind of a circle?
-Gos,as if you're a baby.Just a circle,one of those that you used to draw at school with your compass.Got it ?
-Yes,sorry but I thought it might be important what kind of a circle...
-Yeahh...ok,you see the circle,now choose a point on the circle,on the circle line that you draw.Can you do that?
-Of course,just like i did for math classes.
-Yes,that's right.Now,the point you chose is the present,choose another pointafter him and that is the future,choose another one before it,and that's the past.Done?
-Yes.,I did.
-Now you have a circle,that is the sinbol for life,you have three dots,those are past,present and future.Put you finger on the future point,and than fo forward with you're finger on the line till you're finger will be  on a dot.Ok?
-Done that.So what?
-Go further till the next dot.
-Done it...
-Well,tell me what you see,what did you noticed?You started from the future point,and then were did your road took you?to what point?
-Past...and the,is that what I think?
-Yes it is,after future,you live again the past,the present ,again the future and so you live the same things over and over again...
-It sound a little too...If it's true then why do we still have time?...I mean.this future will some day be present and after a while it will be a past,right/
-Exactly!We don't actually have this thing that we call time,time is not a dimension,time is just an ilussion made up by us...There is another interesting theory that explains this in a better way,but not many know about it,and less belive it.
-What theory?
-The one with the parallel worlds.But I'm sorry I don't really know how to explain it,because i don't have to much knowledge in physics when it comes about stuff like quantum mechanics, physics, strings, equations….

t's ok,I've heard of it even if I have no clue what it is go on,you still didn't answer o my question...-Yes,I know...but I had to start with this so that you can understand better.It's still hard to explain,and I don't know for sure wich theory appllies to me .I usually say I'm asked about it,that we don't move only forward through life but also backwards, so that's how I know because for me it happened already.I also say that I  have no idea how it's possible,but things from the future just come to me,in my mind,and sometimes I even dream about future events.....Oh,I forgot to say,lately I have short flashes with things that didn't happen yet,people that I haven't met...but mostly it's something about feelings,i just feel things in my heart,deep down in my soul.Whatever is the answer it's probably the unconcious mind that knows all of these things.Like I said before,we all have our special powers that we forgot about,maybe mine is to know the future...Or maybe is just my soul,cause you know,even if the body dies,the soul remains,because  it is immortal.No matter how many lives we have lived,how many bodies we have used as a host,we always had the same soul,the same essence.And even if it may not be supposed to remember anything my soul,is still talking to me,saying about things in the future..I see it as a friend,I mean my soul,it helps me always to prepare myself for whatever is coming

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