Influence of food

Have ever asked yourself how is food influencing you every day?
Many people have no idea how much it matters what they eat and how.
First of all, remember that it doesn't matter what it is said you shoul eat and when and how much. It matters to eat in a way thaqat fits your needs. Find out what way of eating, wich food makes you feel good and wich makes you sick.
We all have different types of  bodies so our needs are not the same. Just because most recomend eating 3 meals daily it doesn't matter you should follow that rule in case you discover it doesn't work for you.
I always had trouble with people because of the way I eat. They allways criticised me. For refusing sweets and bread they accused me of being on a diet (as if being on a diet it's a bad thing). For refusing to eat meat they said I'm a spoiled girl. And so on.
Some people I've started to avoid because of their relationship with food. I hate those people that try to make me eat stuff I dislike. Those who try to tempt me, even though they know I try hard sometimes not to give up and eat junks.
Sometimes I forget how huge is food's influence on me and I start eating like those around me. That's why there are days when I wish I'd be alone so that there will be no one next to me to make me eat what he or she is eating.
Sometimes, like now I feel sick and I have no idea why. I feel like doing nothing. I feel sad, depressed and ask myself what thee hell is wrong. Sometimes just a simple thing like food can make me unhappy.
Yes, it might sound strange but my happiness and my mood depends on my eating habits. The more I eat the worst I feel. The less I eat , the happy I am, better I feel. Why? Because food is heavy. Too heavy for me. It makes me move slow, think slow. It blocks my inspiration.
So, what I eat and how much matters a lot for me. It makes me happy or unhappy. So it's important for others to respect my eating habits without laughing, criticising, judging . I f there are days when I eat nothing, It's my problem not theirs. If I prefer eating apples and biscuits most of the time, it's my choice. I only care what makes me feel ok.
Those that don't respect my eating habits should be aware that I probably avoid them. Or I'll be in a bad mood around them. Because eating like other makes me a really moody person, one wich is not a good company.
So...sometimes, when  you're unhappy, the fault might be on the stuff you eat.

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