Aquarius’s bad side

I have no idea how I ended up reading this today.But it got my attention, because like some of you already know, my sign is  Aquarius.
So here are the bad things you should know about Aquarius:

(what??am i arrogant:???)

Sexually freaky                    
(no comment!!!  that's not your damn business! :P   )

Weird (in a bad way)  .....  
(they lie here, don't belive it, weird in a good way, I  can proove it, :P )

(that's a true one, Miss Stubborn, that's me!)

(Oh my...that's another true one...but in a good way...i mean, i'm not                                                immature, i just act childish sometimes...most of the times :))

Mentally insane          
 (come on!...maybe not 100% sane...but ,come on guys, don't make me i? )

Cold and unfeeling     
 (yeah...some have said that about me...but i'm not always like that)

(no,i'm not!!!)


Overly Rebellious        
(Oh,yeaaah,that's definately true  ,  rebel to the bone!!! )

Always needs drama  
(not happy about it,but kinda's just b'cuz romance is boring i prefer drama)

Always goes against everyone because of their arrogance  
(don't call me arrogant again!!i said i ain't! )

Well..i think it's funny....but Hey!Don't take it for real...I mean,yeah,some of these things are true,but definately not all. 

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