Freedom comes with a price

Do you really want freedom?
I bet you do.
We all dream about freedom.
But do we really know what freedom means?wich are benefits and the consequences? You never know these things until you’re totally free.And most of the people will never get that kind of freedom.Too bad you’d say.

Really? I tell you a secret.Sometimes the lack of freedom it’s actually good thing.How can I say this, you probably wonder. Well, you know what they say: “be careful what you wish for ‘cause you just might get it”.It’s happens to me all the time.Some would say I’m lucky because I always get what I ask for.But no, it was always in my disadvantage.

For example, I always craved for freedom just like everybody else.And finally I got it.That kind of freedom people would kill for(metaphorically speaking).Awsome you’de say, lucky me,huh? No….it’s nothing like that.
You may not realize it, but all good things come with a price.
Are you really willing to pay the price?
Do you even  know what the price is?

Been there, done that,So I can tell you the truth.It’s a waste of time chasing freedom.It’s not worth it.The price is huge and unbareable for most of the people. So,the price of freedom, do you know wich is? LONELINESS.

That’s the price. You’ll be free as a bird but you’ll have no one beside you.You might enjoy your freedom in the beginning.But for how long?How long do you think you can hang on without a human being beside you?We weren’t born as solitary beings so we can’t live like that.We need company and company means obligations.And obligations means you ain’t free.

It’s been a few months of freedom.Like any other, I was happy about it in the beginning.But now…God, how I crave for company….how I miss people…how I miss a word, a touch, a hug, a laugh….I’ve got the freedom I always wanted.But do I really need it?

The answer is NO.We don’t need freedom to live.Freedom won’t make us happier, by the contrary, once we realize the price of freedom we’d be even more unhappy that we were in the beginning.

You might say so what, if freedom won’t satisfy me I can always give up on it and return to my previous condition. No.I must say you can’t do that..Most of the things you lose when you get freedom, you won’t have them back.You can’t play like that with people.Kick them in their ass because you want freedom, and when you’re sick of freedom ask the to come back.

Some things once you brake them, they remain broken… So take my advice, forget about freedom.Enjoy your strings.That’s what makes us humans not wild beings.

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Marina 23 mai 2010, 22:26  

“Libertate negativa” si “libertate pozitiva”
Libertatea negativa este acea forma de exprimare a libertatii in care orice interferenta cu libertatiile semenilor este de natura sa restranga libertatea unui individ.Singura libertate care merita acest nume este aceea de a urmari propriul nostru bine dupa cum credem de cuviinta.Tocmai aici sta problema.Este adevarat ca doar urmarindu-ti propriul interes poti sa atingi maximum de eficienta, insa cum ar arata o societate in care nu ar exista un minim de reguli prestabilite in interiorul carora individual sa se poata misca?Acesta ar intra foarte repede in conflict cu o serie de alti indivizi al caror scop poate sa interfereze ,fie si intamplator cu cel al individului in cauza.Cine rezolva conflictul daca nu exista nici un fel de regula?De aici si pana la instituirea unui arbitru nu mai este decat un pas.In concluzie ,libertatea negative este acea libertate rational posibil a fi exprimata in cadrul unei societati guvernata de un stat de drept,care intervine in limitele unor reguli prestabilite numai acolo unde libertatea individuala este incalcata si in care fiecare individ isi exprima propria libertate pana la limita la care aceasta lezeaza libertatea altui individ.
Libertatea pozitiva ,intr-un concept strict,deriva din dorinta fiecarui individ de a fi propriul stapan.Este rezutatul egoismului spiritului uman care vrea sa-si satisfaca propriul interes fara a fi impiedicat de ceva sau cineva. Placerea de a te simti perfect stapan in ceea ce priveste propria-ti persoana,de a nu fi sclavul dorintelor nimanui,,de a lua decizii numai in functie de propriile dorinte si nevoi,cam acesta ar fi idealul oricarui adept al libertatii totale.
Linia de demarcatie dintre cele doua tipuri de libertate,daca exista,este foarte fragila,existand cazuri in care una este negata sau anihilata de cealalta.
Intotdeauna suntem mai liberi decat credem sau...mai putin liberi decat ne imaginam.Tu insati decizi de care parte a barierei stai.

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