Things I like

The sound and the smell of the rain
The wind touching my skin and wake me up in the morning
Guys using parfume that smells like those tiny,nice colored candies that grandma used to put on cakes(actually I used to steal most of them, so I always got into trouble with grandma for that)
Ice cream
being suntanned
Swimming(in the river)
Sneak in/out of my room...Climbing on the window everytime I come home in the middle of the night(like I did something bad staying so late-even if now I’m old enough so I’m allowed)
Dancing like no one sees me(even if the entire club is watching me…happens all the time :P )
Laughing with my cousin Ysa
Sleeping with my cat(Timmy)
Fishing with my dad
Gardening with my mum
Sitting in the car,in the front seat , next to my brother  when he's driving
Watching movies about the “fight” between good and evil
Reading science-fiction books
Walking without shoes even when the heat of the sun made the rocks burn like hell so it’s a little painfull for my toes(but it still feels nice)
Walking in the rain without caring that I’ll get wet any maybe cold
When guys let me hang out with them, and treat me like I’m one of them
When a guy first tells me I’m smart, then pretty
When people let me help them(if not  I feel useless)
When I learn(to do) something new
Blond hair
Wearing high heels at home
Doing silly things..the kind od things that usually only kids do..just for fun
Saying silly things to make people laugh
Making someone happy
Making people proud of me
When I get a hug from someone…anyone…I miss hugs
When people understand me(this almost never happen)

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