People are like food

People are like food.
Some things you eat will look very good, delicious, they smell so nice, they are so tempting, they make you drool. But when you taste them, they taste like crap. They make you sick, throw up. Like burgers make me. Some people are like burgers, the better they look, the more they'll make you sick, screw you up.

Some people are like healthy food. Apples are not so attractive.Nettle tea tastes like shit. Garlic, onion not only  thy are so smelly, but they'll make your breath push away people. Some people are like these. They may look not so pretty, they might not be some pretty flowers to charm you, but they're better for you. Not only they won't harm you, but they will also heal you, make you better

Me?What kind of food am I?
You'll laugh, it seems an odd choice for you..

But I'm like Soy.
Why soy?
People reject it just because it's different (people reject people for the same reason)

Because it's not something common, something they're used with.
But the've got no idea what they miss. Different doesn't mean worst.
I remember a few years ago when I cooked for my boyfriend a few things, when he got to soy (soy with mushrooms, mmmm, delicious, one of my fav. food) he said it's not bad, but he never ate it before so it tastes funny for him).Actually, none of the people I know likes soy. They're loss.

More reasons why I think I'm like soy:

Soy helps preventing cancer and heart disease...just the way I like to belive I'm able to cure a broken hurt, or to set on free from its fears.

Soy is normally just an ugly bean(like I see myself as just kind of a random girl), but it becomes so many things like soy milk, soy sauce, miso, tempeh, and tofu.( just the way I got the potential to be so many things)

Soy is a great source of proteins, fiber, B vitamins, and omega 3 fatty acids
( just  the way I am a great source of friendship, advices, compassion, help, affection, attention, information, imagination)

That's why I'm like soy. It brings so many benefits, but It's misunderstood just like me.

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