Happiness makes you lazy

Have you ever thought at least for a second that happiness might be a bad thing?
Sure, not completly a bad one. I'd be a fool to say that. But beside the obvious good side, happiness comes also with a bad side.
I mean....First, tell me, are you happy? How many people have you ever heard saying they're happy? How many people have you heard not complaining about stuff,  saying they got everything they need?
My answer to my own question would be: NONE. Of course, none except me. Yeah, as hard to believe as it might me, I really am happy. And I'm not saying it today. It's something that has been around for a few months. You know my opinion on happiness. Usually it lasts only one day. But this time it's a long lasting happiness. And it's strange the way it feels.
I mean...I always thought happiness is something  man can't achieve. Or at least something you get and then lose. Happiness it's the end of the road. It's like you reached your goal. Then what? What can you get more then happiness? What's left to do after you get that?
I guess nothing. I mean...at least this is how it feels like when you're happy. Like there's nothing left to be done. You can just sit there in bed and enjoy your happiness. Sounds really lazy, isn't it? Well, that's exactly how happiness makes you. It stops you from doing anything. You say something(unconsciously of course)  like : " Aaarrgghh, I'm happy where I stand, so what's the point of  doing anythingh else?".
I never thought happiness will  make me soooo lazy but that's the truth.  At last I'm aware of this so I can do something about it. And definately I will do something. I'm happy, but I wanna keep this happiness so I have to stop being lazy because lazy people don't deserve to be happy. I was going to say I'll stop being lazy since tomorrow, but then I've realised that's just an excuse. I thought, what then, what can I do today. And the answer is simple:  I'm already doing something. I'm writing. So I stoped being lazy the moment I started to write. You see how easy it is when you want something? You just have to do it, to be active.
It would be a shame to allow happiness go away from me, to let such a good thing turn into something bad.
So happiness can indeed make you lazy. But only if you allow this.

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