How do you know who's the one?

If you ask a woman this question she will answer something like: "he must do this and that, he must say these things, he must behave like this, he needs to look like this, give me this and that  etc., only then he is the right one" .
Well, girls, if that's what you say no wonder you're still single. Loneliness will be your only mate.
Because you confuse the right one with the perfect one. The right one is just an illusion. A false image you made up in your mind about how the perfect man would be like. You wanna wait for him, you're not willing to settle for less. But sometimes being so stubborn, refusing to settle for less, you'll end up getting nothing.
You should be looking for the right one. The one who can satisfy your needs. For him, who is your perfect match.  How can you know wich one is him?
Well, there's plenty information on the web about this. Just google for something like "signs that he's the right one". I checked them myself and I pretty much agree with all those signs. I mean,  you can rely on them most of the time. But don't forget to trust your intuition as well. And  besides that, expect that  you might be wrong,  he may seem the right one now, but in tine he will prove to  be only another guy, definately not the right one.
So, thats why I advise you to do something else. Something I did.  Beside those signs, find your own based on your previous relationships. Think about those that you loved in the past, what made you love them?what  was different about them from the others? Take the things that you find when you answer these questions and combine them with the answers from the questions: "what makes you happy? what do you value most between money, social status, love, beauty, intelligence etc? How would you like him to prove his love? How important is you sexual  relationship with him? Can you be yourself around him? Do you share the same values with him? How  many  things you have in common?Is he making future plans in wich he includes you?
Well..these are some questions that might help you know if he's the one you need, the right one.

I have my own signs, a little bit different then the ones above.
For me it's quite simple, only those who prove to be an inspiration for me are worthy enough to get in the "right one" category. That's kind of a must. Only one of my ex-boyfriends was such an inspiration for me that he made me write a book with his name as title.  But that river ran dry. And only the one I'm with now is a daily inspiration for me.

How smart he is matters a lot for me. Otherwise I will feel like I'm talking in chinese with him. I will have nothing to talk about witth him. I mean...I need someone to understand at least the minimum when I talk about psychology, spirituality and so on. Or at least to be willing to listen, to try to understand, to learn.
Someone who likes reading would be a really great mate for me. I only know 2 guys that like reading. So they're rare.
A must is  for me to feel comfortable with him. To be able to reveal my trueself to him. To give up on wearing masks. To show him the naked truth of what I am, even the  bad sides.
A relationship wich started with a friendship is a good sign. It means between us, there's more then sexual attraction. And that makes the relationship last longer. That also means we talk about anything.
When he makes me do things I never thought I will, like things I used to dislike.
When I can see myself with him even in ten years, when I'd like to build a family with him.
When we're alike.
When he makes me better and I make him better, when we can develop together.

But usually it's enough to look into his eyes and I'll know if he's the right one. Because one thing I'm great at is reading someone's mind and soul, simply by looking in his eyes.

P.S: Maybe I seem demanding, maybe the right one for me seem like a fantasy, but it's not. I mean...I already found someone who is all these things, so it's not impossible.

But beware! Just the fact that someone is the right one for you it doesn't make it easier, it's not a guarantee that you'll stay with him forever.  No matter how great you are for each other, even if you'd be soul mates, you still need to work for your relationship.  Good things don't come easily.

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