The scared ones do brave things

It is said that brave people are actually the most scared ones. I knew it was true about me, but never thought it will be the same  thing with you. of my fears was that you are so scared it will make you stop doing what you planned. I feared that you'll let your fears take over control. I thought they will make you blind, unable to see what you have to win and lose in both situations.
I hated the idea that you might give uo, run away, hide just because you're scared. I've been through this situation before, and that made me unable to trust you complety. I didn't want to suffer again like I did before. I didn't want to let you interfere and take away my dreams, brake me into pices like someone else did before you.
So....I was always on the edge...of doing something stupid and ruin it all. I was so tempted to run away from you before you could to that to me. But I was strong, I took control over my fears. And I was able to stop myself from doing anything stupid.
But you surprised me that you were able to control your fears as well. Is not that you really had any real reason to be scared. But if I were you I would've probably thought about 1000 things that might  go wrong.  But jeeez, you seriously don't have to do that. There's nothing to be scared of being with me. I'm not that evil witch as some might see me. At least...I won't be with you, because you're nothing like the rest and I've got no reason to be mean. Doing anything bad to you, would be like betraying myself, passing over my morals and all the things I believe in.

So...back to my point.  I think you're brave. More then I would've been.  You are far beyond of my expectations. So there's nothing to worry about.
All the things you did already mean alot to me. More that I let you see. And I appreciate them.. You see..I think you  already changed a little, the courage you had to do all these things, the courage you'll have to do more ....that's a sign you're getting tougher. Well ..don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's all because of me. It's not even important the reason behind this.
What matters most is that you conquered your fears, you steped out of your comfort zone. And for that I think you deserve to be more appreciated. I think people should take you as an exmple that it is possible to take control over your  fears.
Hell ya, you are indeed a model. I made me as well move over my fears and fight for the things I want, for happiness.
You made  lock my fears and be able to fight for you. Fight with my impatience, worries, past, future, peopl, impulses, temptations, stupidy.
So...I admire you for that , for the fact that you not only stand up for me even though you were scared, but you also made me stand up for you despite my fear of getting hurt.
Let's hope, let's do everything possible and impossible to be the same. To control our fears and achieve all the things we want . Let's always be a motivation for each other, and always help each other to be better in everything we do.

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