Too much is always too much

Well...beside a good thing usually we don't add the modal adverb"too much". Have you ever heard sombody saying he's got too much money, she's too pretty, too famous, to healthy and so on?
I don't think so.
But even good things can be too much sometimes.
Have you ever got angry because guys are too....hitting on you?
You see, I always liked being in the center of attention. I was happy every time someone made me compliments. I belive it's a normal thing. Each girl would like all guys to be crazy about her. So do I.
It's a self-esteem raising thing, so of course it's great. I feel good when I see that sometimes guys around me act like I've put a spell on them.
But I never thought I'd get sick of it. So soon. I mean...I still like it when they give me so much attention.
But these last days it felt like I had too much. Not only because those guys were really not my type. They were like...arrrghh, I don't wanna be mean so I'll say they were just way to old for me. And what the hell? There's no wonder so many guys are still single. They haven't heard of "take it slow". Even if I were single and liked one of them,  I wouldn't fall in their net. They are so...uneducated, they lack in manners, conversation and all. If it would be for them , they'd jump straight to sex. Seriously? What a strange way to pick up girls. I wonder wich girl would be foolish enough to like a guy like this. I mean...I'm really naive but still don't bite their bullshit. I'm disgusted every time I see such a jerk .

Anyway, my point was just that....sometimes some good things get boring, annoying.What used to make you smile, be happy, now makes you sick. Flirting used to be a fun thing, but when man cross some boundaries it's pissing me off.

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