What's on your wishlist?

In the morning I had the "feel like doing nothing" mood. So I was just surfing on the web searching nothing in particulary.
That's how I ended up on this site: http://www.makemehappy.ro

I found it interesting. It's a great idea to keep an online wishlist. I think everyone finds himself in trouble when he needs to buy a present for someone but he has no clues what could the other person like.
I almost never liked the gifts I've got. Ok, don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the gesture, but if you really wanna make me happy, then buy me something I like not all kinds of expensive craps. Yes, you read it well, because that's what I usually get.
 People spend a lot of money to buy me things I don't like or need. And trust me, it's easier and cheaper to buy the things I like. I don't understand why people don't get it.
I don't understand  how my family, who's been next to me for 20 years, has no idea what I like. Friends neither. Jeeez, are you blind? What do you see me doing everyday? Yeah, you see, you knew it. You see me reading.  Then what's so fuckin' hard to get to the conclusion that a book would be the best thing for me. It doesn't even matter what kind of book, just go and buy the most ugly and cheap book you'll find and I'll be happier then I'd be if you''ll come to me with chocolate and flowers and an ugly, thiny(almost invisible) but expensive neckless.

Is it now more clear? Hope my mom reads this. :) And all the others who are stressed about what the hell should they get me for Christmas. Lil' cousin, that's for you to read  as well.

So, back to the site. I loved the idea of making a list but...what do you think happened when I had to start putting something on the list? I had no idea what to write. I mean...I thought for about 20 minutes what do I want, what do I need and still...nothing.
Can it be true? I really don't want, don't need anything?( I mean material things, objects).
It made me curious, made me wonder...
If there's nothing I want or need, it means I kind of have everything I want/need.
So...if not happy, I should be at least pleased with the things I posses.
I never realised this before, that I really have kind of everything I want. Could it be just because I tend to be modest? I mean...I don't need fancy cloths, expensive jewelery, all sorts of gadgets etc.
Or maybe it's because I always know how to get anything I want? Because all my wishes come true...
Anyway....the conclusion would be that ...all these being said, I have many things to be grateful for.

P.S.: Of course I've put some things on my wishlist, not so much for the others, as for me, because I like to spoil myself from time to time, to make gifts to myself on special events, mostly when I know others won't . Nothing fancy on the list, of course, just some helpful books and some cheap but nice "jewelery".

By the way, you should really try this site,  make a wish list, maybe someone wants to give you a gift, but  he or she doesn't really know what should it be.
So make a wishlist and share it with your friends on facebook.

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