Let go...

What you can't have, leave it and you will.
You belive in this?I do. Of course, you will get it only if it is the right thing for you.
Does it ever happened to you, no matter how many times you tried, how hard you've worked to get something, you still failed?
Stop doing anything! Let go! Take a break! Pretend you give up!
Of course I'm not telling you to really let it go. Just to pretend. You'll find one day the answer, why I'm telling you this.
There's a really great book where you can see ilustrated the concept I'm talking about. It's actually the book wich made me rethink my way of action, my entire life, it made me ask myself many questions. The book it's called Siddhartha, and it's wrote by Hermann Hesse.
What is it about you probably wonder, right?
Well...let's say it's about a man who's searching for his path, trying to find his destiny. He tries this through different methods, religion, with different masters. Only in the end after trying everything he realised that no matter what path you follow, you're still gonna end up in the same place. There's only one destination and thousands of ways to get there. Some are short, some longer, easy or hard, common or unwalked but it doesn't matter, you will still get there. No matter what you do or how you do it, you can't be something else then what you're meant to be.
I hope you get my point. That's what I was trying to say in the first place.

I belived in many things, always knew what I wanna be, and I tried different ways to get there just like the man in the book. I looked like a weirdo always changing my mind. I tried different kinds of things, belived in them and practiced. But no kundalini, hatha , oshawa, sufi, shamanic, raw, wicca, chakra  and so one practice showed me the way. I still haven't found what I was looking for, still wasn't what I tried to be, what I knew I can be.

But one day I was bored, actually sick of every single practice so I let them go..I stop trying to be something, I rather tried to empy my mind from all these "craps" . I was/become just me.

Ok, if you can't accept the idea that doing nothing I've got so much in the end, then...let's say it's because of the..more like an ascetic life I've lived for a few months. Isolated.

I was kind of dissapointed, I though  I failed, distroyed everything I had....but then....when I got back to "society"... I saw the effect of the "letting go" I did. All the things I didn't get when I was trying so hard, I got them after leting go. Now I'm on the right path again. And without any practice. Or maybe...I do practice something. What is it you wanna ask, right? Well, I'm not sure it does matter. It's not a practice/method I've learned, It's one that I discovered by myself. I call it sometimes the method of "love ".
You should do the same thing, find your own path, your own method.
But until then...let go...let go of all the things you've learned, the paths you've followed.
Don't get me wrong, I am not saying they're useless. They are good, the help you in many ways, but they won't get you to the final destination.
Also don't ignore them. First you gotta learn them all, try them, belive them...but then, it comes a day when you gotta let go, move on. Take a break, be nothing but who you are. And then...you'll see you will find you're where you should be,
'Till then....let go!

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