Stop fighting...

Please.....stop fighting with me. It breaks my heart. Every time you do it, I feel it like you stick a knife deep in my chest. Just a fight and I already feel like you broke something in me. Fights kill love, so please stop if you don't wanna make me hate you.

People are so wrong about this: they always think that fighting is a good thing in a relationship.They say it's a must because this way you release your anger, you speak up your complaines. That's so not true...You get nothing by fighting. It's quite the opposite, with every fight you lose something, you lose feelings, you put distance between you and your lover. And the more fights you have, the bigger is the space between you until you're so far one from the other, that you are no longer together.That's the reason I hate fights, because they're nothing but steps leading to a breakup.

I see that even some psychologists recommend it. I can't belive it. I mean, what's the point? Why scream at each other and get angry, when you can talk calmly? Do you really think that the louder you scream the better the other will get your point? When both scream, none hears anything.
And what the hell is with releasing anger through fights? For me this is nothing but a bad joke, it seems such a dumb thing.... Aren't there any better ways of getting rid of anger? Don't say no because you're a fool if that's what you think. You can do it practicing a sport, through meditation and many many other way. Don't hurt the one you're with through your words and tone, just because you're filled with anger and you want to release it.

If you keep fighting I feel pitty for you because you have no clue wich are the consequences. The more I fight with someone, the more I hate it. The more we fight, the less I want him, enjoy his presence. When someone fights with me, and despite  my efforts to be calm and not respond the same way, he keeps being angry, I feel like telling him to leave me alone, because if that's what love or a relationship means, then I rather be alone my entire life.

More then that, when you grow up in a hostile enviroment (like me), in a familiy were screaming and anger was a routine, that's the thing you'll run away from your entire life. When you grew up like this and then you have a boyfriend or husband who does the same's so painful, because not only he hurts you in the present, but he reminds you of how you felt those days in childhood. And trust me, anger it's quite traumatizing for a kid. And especially girls, when they're young and experince something like this, they swear they will never accept a man like that, they will never tolerate angry people. They will rather give up on all their other expectations just to find a man they can find peace with. And all those who want and enjoy drama, they can feel free to go search for it somewhere else.

So...stop fighting guys! It doesn't make you more a man, it doesn't prove anything but the fact that you're unable to control your emotions. You're angry? break a glass, punch the wall, but don't hurt me by throwing all you anger towards me.

Anger is nothing but poison, is that's what you want, to poison me, our love?

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