Maya can't be hurt

It was morning, something around six o'clock, and it was very very dark outside. I packed my things in a hurry and left earlier then I actually planned. Instead of taking a bus or something I dared to walk on foot. The train station wasn't so far but....but the area I had to cross was a really creepy one. There was almost no one out except me. It's that kind of a dangerous area, where you can scream if something happens to you, but no one will hear you, where waiting for help is hopeless.
I didn't even realise it at first, but I wasn't scared at all. Probably it's just because I'm used with this kind of things.

And know me, while walking, all kinds of strange things cross my mind. I thought abut my name, my nickname to be more clear. It's Satmaya, wich is nothing but a fancy form for Maya. And probably you know it, Maya means illusion. So I made something like an analogy:

I'm Satmaya, wich is the same with Maya, and maya means illusion, so all these being said, I'm something like an illusion. But let's think about it, what illusions mean. An illusion is something unreal, something you think you see but it's not actually there. Something you can't touch. So, again, using the same reasoning you get to the conclusion I'm untouchable.
If I'm untouchable it means I can't be hurt. You agree with me, right? What you can't touch, you also can't hurt.  So I can't be hurt.

You see, trying to hurt an illusion is like fighting with the wind. There's nothing you can do to it.  Trying to hurt me it's the same.

Ok, I agree, you can harm me, but not hurt. You can do a harm to my exterior, my material body, but you can't get inside, hurt the soul. Many have tried, but none succed.

It's quite the contrary, trying to fight with illusions, to hurt them, the only thing you'll get is hurting yourself. It's like a boomerang, you see,what you give is what you get. It always comes back to you in the end.

And because off all these things I wasn't probably scared at all. Knowing I'm so unbreakable makes me fearless. The illusions I surround myself with are like a shield, you just can't get through them.

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