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Exception ?Hmmm, I rarely make 'em. Of course, I'm talking about relationships. Well...most of the people call me bitchy because of that. They say I have too many demands. They acuse me of being heartless when it comes about love, because I always ditch guys for insignificant reasons. No matter how much I love them, I can leave them so unexpected and maybe unfairly. People ask mev why am I so mean, say ugly words, behave like this, don't care...and I alweays answer them: " Because I really don't care about any of them. They're all so replaceable. I can always, easily have a better one. If I ditch them it's their fault, because they didn't knew how to behave the right way, how to appreciate what they had. So...breaking up it's their loss, for me it's just freedom.".

That's how I usually am. Yes, I am aware that reading this you might have a bad impression about me now. But what do you want me to do? Cry? I do it all the time for all of them. Pretend my world's gonna end, have the wrong idea that I can't leave without him? Sorry, but I just can't do that, I'm to optimistic to give a damn about the things I've lost. And besides that, I'm not ugly, not dumb, not a bad company so there's really no reason why I should worry about finding someone else. If I ditch them it's not necesarly for that small mistake they've made. If any of them would've been the right one, all those mistakes, all of his flaw would have been invisible for me.

But.,..I hope we all know it already, there are always exceptions. So there's one in this case for me.

Yes, probably you've guessed already, it's you the one I'm talking about.
Please, don't get mad on me for saying this, you know( i hope you know) my intentions, but...if there was another guy instead of you, he would've been already ditched ...long time ago.  With you it's different, I make an exception every day and I don't even feel it as a burden or obligation. Actually I like it. I must be honest and tell you the truth, I do get pissed off by many things you do  or say, but...that's ok. I get over them very easy.
Why am I doing these exceptions with you? know it. I'm not gonna say it's love, I'm not gonna say you're the right one. Maybe it's too soon to say it, maybe it's to private to write about it here. I do it because I get it. All the things that you do and normally makes me angry, sad, hurt me or anythging like that, happen for a reason. I know what reasons lies behind your actions. And I know that you're aware of most of the wrong things you do. Don't feel bad about them, about me saying them. We all have our own problems, mistakes.

What's different about you, what I really appreciate is the fact that you are willing to change them, not for me but for you, nogt because I asked you, but because you want it. That's a great and rare thing. That's actually one of the things wich impressed me. The will you have to change, to be a better man. I'm impressed not only because I think that makes you a wise man, ambitious, strong and so on, but also because we're the same. I always wanted to change but no one was there to help me, willing to support me in this. So I do this exceptions because I can walk in your shoes.

I make these exceptions because I know I won't need to make them forever, I'm sure you'll change because you want it and because I'm here to give you a hand when needed. With other things I'll get used and won't think they're so bad, that's what compromises means, right?. In other ways I'll be the one to change, and what I'll do, I won't see it as an exception.

Maybe there are many other reasons why I make so many exceptions this time. But I don't think my reasons matter, important is that I do it, right?That's what I feel is the right thing to do. That's what I choose to do because I know it worths. Becausee I see inside the box, behind the covers and I know all the potential hidden inside. And I wanna see it released.
That's why God made us, that's why life worths lkiving, to explore our posibilities, to acheieve our full potential.

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