What would you do for happiness

I wonder....what price are you willing to pay for happiness. What if it's gonna last only one day or a few days, would you pay the same price? What sacrifices are you willing to do to get it, what would you give up on for happiness?

I always said it's not worth it, for a few moments of happiness, to turn you world upside down.
But I changed my mind.

 Everybody gets happy once in a while. But you never know for how long will it last. You always live being afraid the next day could be the last day of your happiness. You ask yourself many questions. You wonder how will you be able to handle with the loss of it. You start doubting it was a good choice, maybe you start to regret all the things you've lost because of those happy moments.
Maybe you get to a point where you say you wish you could go back, make a different choice, give up on that short lasting happiness, but instead achieve all the other things you gave up on the first time.

Is that what you think?That happiness is not worth the price if it's temporary.
First, let me tell you that no happiness lasts forever, so forget about this idea.

Then...what makes you think that happiness is worthless when it's not long lasting, that it's value has anything to do with the period of time that it lasts?
If you somehow set your mind on this kind of ideas, you'd better give up on them.
Even a few hours of happiness have more value then anything else.

We make a really huge mistake. I used to do it too until now. We think happiness is just happiness, when it's gone, all we're left with is pain.
But no, you see...moments of happiness changes us in unknown ways. Shapes our destiny. Just a few hours, days of happiness makes us more confident, raise our self-esteem, change the way we think, act. Those happy moments makes us rethink our life principles, our goals.

Me for example, I used to be the type for whom career, independence were priorities .But no more, I see now that life without love is nothing, it's just a shadow of what it could be. So love got on the first place.

Moments of happiness helps you know yourself better, discover what you really want or need, what's fit for you, what really make you feel happy.
Happiness makes you more brave, makes you dare walking on new paths, unknown ones.
Happiness changes you, makes you better, makes you evolve in all ways.
Yes you do suffer if you loose it, you do fell apart but then you move on, you move on a changed person.
I do it too, sufer, find it hard to move on,

I wish this happiness I felt 4 days would last forever. But it's not all up to me. It's up to him as well. It's up to..what it's meant to be. But even if it won't, even if I'll suffer, fell hurt like hell....sooner or later I will move on and I will be grateful for what it was as long as it was. Because feeling happy 4 days, 24/24...it's a big deal. And nothing else matters, what I've lost, what I will...it worths the price.  It was that kind of happiness I have no words proper to describe it. It wasn't anything special that I did, or he did/said. It was more a happiness triggered by something internal, unseen. Like...when you feel like home, fullfill your destiny, meet your soulmate. A feeling like I'm complete for the first time. Like...he filled all the empty spaces from my heart. I felt like ...I was an incomplete puzzle  and he the missing piece that I've lost and now found.

It's not that hard to be happy if you're able to see what's right for you. It's not difficult to make someone happy if you know what he wants, likes and if you care about him enough to make his wish come true.
I give you happiness, you want it? It's for free. But will you price it ? Will you keep it?

So fight for happy moments, pay the price, take risks, bet everything on it, be brave and embrace your other half. Be happy, you deserve it!

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