Words at anger

Today I was really really angry. With guys. Because none of those that matters to me gave any kind of attention to me today. They were all gone, busy, or just hidden(yeah, I'm paranoic, I know:P  ).

Luckily,I got plenty attention when I was out, even girls stared at me( my new hair look must be the one wich draws attention)

Anyway...where I was trying to get is....that ....all this anger made me write something. I'm not sure I can call it a poem, so...here are a few verses...

Break breaks it.
Silence builds walls.
Empty spaces can't stay empty for too long.          
Undefined things are unstable.                                                                                                                       Unspoken rules directly I will not obey.
So, at the end don't dare asking"why?",          
You already have my answer..
This time the innocence
Has won....

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