The Change already started

You know I wrote one of these days what's my attitude beside fake beauty.. Not only that the result it's a fake thing, but in months/years, the things we now do in order to look better, they will ruin not only our beauty but also our health.
One of the most affected areas of the body is the head.
Today I'll talk about hair.
Few girls leave their hair the way it is naturally...
I don't wanna be a hypocrite and criticize the things others do when actually I do them as well.
That's why, as harmful as it is(dyeing your hair) I will be impartial about it.So if you can't get rid of this addiction(and trust me, it is an addiction ) at least do it as rarely as you can(i used to do it every month, now I do it once every three months)
But dyeing is not the only bad thing wich has the potential to damage your hair.
Us, girls, also use a blow dryer, a curling  iron and a straightening much heat for our poor hair...
Not easily of course, but in a few months i succeded in giving up on these harmful tools.
And If I can do it, everyone can ...

In the end lets be clear about a few things:

Just because I am more for the natural beauty, it doesn't mean I criticise the girls who prefer "improvements"
Just because I try to be as natural as I can it doesn't mean I will be 100% natural.To be onest, unfortunately, in this world nothing is natural 100%, not anymore

If something really makes you feel better, you shouldn't necessary give up on it just because it's a bad thing.I mean  for me wearing foundation is a must...not because i have a bad skin and wanna cover it(i don't always have a bad skin,or something to  hide)I do it because it's like a mask(an invisible one), like when i use it I am more confident.I don't use it to hide from others, but firstly to hide from  myself

What matters the most is for you to try to make a change, to chose from all the bad things the less harmful one.
And if you do a  damaging thing on one side, try to heal something on the other side.
 Keep the balance

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