Good things fall apart so that better things can fall together

I know...reading what I've wrote lately you would say OMG, this  girl is realy fucked up....I know, I've been told before I got some issues , I've been told I'm so Emo( no my friend, i gotta tell you I ain't that, not at all)

But guess what...I had my time for grief a couple of months and...It's kind of over...I'm feelin' better ...i smile, laugh, make jokes all the it means i moved on...
If my ex-boyfriend sees these words he will think "I moved on" means i totaly forgot about him
If my next-boyfriend( whoever he his :)   ) sees it he will not like it because he will think i still have feelings for my ex
Well, they are both wrong.
What I'm trying to say is that I'm in peace with myself, with my past.I accept what I've lost( of course I accept it 'cause I didn't really lost it, I chosed to give up on it because...some things were not right for me, not right at that time)

Like the title says-good things fall apart so that better things  can fall together(it's a quote) that's what always happens with me.When i lose something I'm a little sad ,of course, because I'm afraid i might have lost the best thing i've had, the best thing i could and would ever find... who wouldn't be...but after a  while I laugh...because i find something ten times better then what I've had...and I realise that if I hadn't lost that thing, I would never knew that a better one was waiting for me just around the corner...

So boys and girls, whenever you lose something or someone don't be sad for too long, opend you eyes, 'cause you lost it becuse it was just about the right time to get something better, hell yeahh, you deserve don't wait for too long to take what's yours

Damn...I can't really say what I wanna say...when I started to write this post I had something else in my mind then what I've wrote...It was supposed to be about someone...A guy that I kind of like...but I'm sure he's gonna read it and I don't want him to know that I like him...even if he might know already, or will know...but jeezz...I've got such a bad habit to rush things, to get to involved to soon...and I don't wanna mess up things with him like I always do(now, while writing this i was laughing so much  that i choked with millk and ran out with my hand on my mouth, my mom thought i was sick so i was even more amused).Fuck!I forgot, what was I talking about?

Oh yes, about the guy i like but i don't want him to know that I  like him...because I'm scared...I usually dated dumb guys, but he's a smart one so( the title is relevant here, i used to like and ran only into dumb guys, now i've met a smart one and i actually like him, see how good things fall apart so that better ones could fall together?)...It's a new thing for me...I'm not saying I'm going on a date with him, or be in a relationship with him...neither that I won't....firstly, i like him as a friend because we have a lot in common, and he's smart and funny and interesting , and...i don't know if he feels the same, but I kind of feel a little chemistry between us...
But whatever....
Hey, "the boy that i like" :)) if you read this and you know i'm talking about about you...plizzzzzz, take a DEEP breath and don't freak out might think that it's impossible to like you  'cause I've only known you for  a few days( i guess saying this is like giving  you a clue) but that's me.....i mean, i either like someone from the very first day i meet him either there are 99% chances I will never like I'm being onest..I like what?Is not like I'm gonna be you're stalker..I'm not gonna do anything bad or something to piss you off...I'm gonna pretend we are just friends...and what's gonna be...I'm ok with that whatever it will be...I'm definately not the persistent type...

So...I  guess I should end up this post...
The purpouse of it was to say that now I'm starting to be ok  the bad days are gone I'm stronger , wiser and the best thing of all I found the faith I've lost, I'm full of hope and I'm sure I'm gonna be all right

So indeed good things fall apart so that better thing can fall together

P.S.(for the guy i like and for whoever is gonna be my boyfriend or just my friend)

1.Don't forget the things i write here are pieces of my this is kind of my diary...and a diary is supposed to be private , so if i gave you the privilege to read it, please don't judge what i write
2.You will notice i talk a lot about guys, my ex-boyfriends and so on...but just because i had many boyfriends it doesn't mean i did you know what with every  one of them, so...NO...let's be clear about that, i'm not  a whore :)
3.You will also definately notice my language and you'll see that the "fuck" word
is used probably in every should know that in the real life i no not curse or use this kind of dirty language so you won't be embarrased with me when we go out, i'm very polite and mannered
4.I know that i seem to be the emo type, but again I'M no...i won't kill myself, i don't do drugs ...

And the most important thing of all don't forget I'm kind of a writer so you can never be 100% sure that what  I write here is actually true(my life) .All these might as well be just pieces of the novel I'm writing :)

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