Selling Illusions

Aren't you tired of fake/unreal things?

Because   I am...I really am.And I'm a girl.But you guys,how can you stand a fake girl next to you???

What am I talking about?You probably guessed...I'm talking about the latest trends, like ...fake nails, fake hair, fake boobs, now we even got fake asses...(Don't you hate it guys when you girl doesn't let you touch her hair because you might make her extensions fall?when she doesn't want to wash the dishes because her fake nails might fall ?When she doesn't allow you to kiss her because you might ruin her make up?And the worst of all-when you hug her, and then you realise all of her make up remained on your t-shirt?)

Don't get me wrong...I'm not judging the girls....I'm judging the media that promotes this kind of an image like it's a good thing.

I used to be one of those "plastic" girls so I know how it's like...I know what makes a girl "adopting" that kind of look( trying to get more atention, become more...wanted, loved, searching for perfection)....and I know how hard it is to keep that image(tones of money invested in cosmetics, jeweleries, clothes....many hours of your life/daily trying to fix any imperfection)

But trust me, you can win over any addiction ...

I'm doing it...I'm not saying I'm completly over it but I do it one step at a time...I woke up a few months ago and realised I'm disgusted with my own image, too sophisticated cloths, too many jeweleries, too much make up, to many "artificial" improvements....I felt like a christmas tree...And i was so sick of all those things, I knew I needed to change...So I did least 50% I'm changed...And I don't stop here...

I mean, seriously girls?Are we really that dumb?I'm sure we can find a way to look beautiful without  being "plastic".You know what they say...less is always more.And I really belive it now.

Let's not fall in their trap ...Let's not forget who we really are...Let's just be ourselves, let people know us the way we really are.And we'll be more apreciated for giving them the real  thing.
Let's stop selling illusions

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