From the city girl to the country girl

Luckily it's not for eternity :))...just a temporary stop:P

Many people don't know about me that at this time i'm living in a tiny village 5 minutes away from the city  i used to live in ...

I don't like to admit it, I don't like to  tell people that ,but I don't like either to lie them so here's the truth.I guess I'm embarrased to say that  I'm living in a village.I'm afraid that people will see me with different eyes,  behave like they are superior just beause they live in the city and I don't.But hey, I was born in the city, i lived there 20 years so, be aware of that when tempted to judge...But anyway, I don't know why am  i fucking care about that.

I mean, the people who realy know me, know me the way I am, and the fact that now I'm  living in a village, they don't see it as something i should be ashamed of, they actually say it's something I should be proud of because I'm able to fit anywhere, to adapt to any kind of enviroment(even my mom was amazed seeing how I manage, she said i'm learning fast how to do things and it looks like everything comes so naturaly for me to do you would be tempted to think that i've done these things many times before).

And i guess they are right, 'cause who would've ever thought that me, the girl who knew how to do nothing else but learning is able and will actually do hard  work, like taking care of a garden, cutting wood  and so on. I'm even cooking and that's something i said i never ever will no matter i'm the perfect example that people can change if they really want it...

Again, what I've wrote is not what I had in my mind when I started  but whatever... :)
That is so like  me

P.S. Did you noticed the picture I've  put here?That's the priviledge of beeing a country girl...when the summer comes...I can take a picture like that of myself  and put it here'd like that, huh?

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