Earth's future is in our hands.What's it gonna be?

Did you knew today was the Earth Day?
And if you knew, did you do anyhting about  it?
You might think it's hard to do anything, you might say it doesn't matter what you do, because you can't save the world, stop the pollution and so on, just by yourself...
Well, you should know you're totaly  wrong about that.A small thing that you do, insignificant at first view, can help a lot "saving the world"  and reducing thousands of pounds of greenhouse gas emission.
Trust me it's not hard at all
There are many things you can do, but let me tell you what I do for the enviroment:

1.Replacing my incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb...that's something anyone can  do..

 2.Switch to Reusable Shopping Bags...I've got a greate idea about that..I think I might start  making a few bags ,nice ones, and give them to friends and family so they  I can help them help Earth.

3.Use less heat(when i sleep at night  and when I'm away).Me and my  mom sometimes argued about that, because my room is sometimes very cold, and she says I might get sick....but It's my choice...If I can  turn off the heat for a few hours every day why not?If the world is not going to change so fast that I will be still alive that day...why not make it a better place for my kids.... and grandchildren

4.Eat less meat and more veggies.It might sound strange but this really helps the enviroment.I'll spare you of the details because that's not so important.What  matters is what you actually do about it.I almost never eat meat.And it's not a matter of religion, it's not like I have an allergie or anything else.It's just a matter of choice.

5.Use less hot water.I actually hate hot water.Lately....and not only that using warm water or cold water -instead of hot water- is helpful for the enviroment, but also it's good for you skin/health(blood circultation)

6.Use the "OFF" switch button...
I used to leave my laptop on, all the time, day and night, even if  I wasn't going to use it....but now I don't ...I usually turn it on just when I have something to do,usually in the night.
More then that, I used to let my TV on all the time, even if i was almost never watching....Now I rarely turn it on.

7.Don't let the water running while you brush your teeth.I don't

 8.Instead of watching  TV and doing things that consume energy , spend time reading, writing, drawing, telling stories....I read a lot, draw , and sew(by hand)

9.I do my laundry by hand...and I didn't even knew that helps saving the Earth...I don't even know why I do it, I think it's just a nice feeling when you wash your clothes with your own hands

 10.Move to the country.
 .I did it and it's awsome.It's so nice and quiet, no more traffic noise, drunk people yelling outside...fresh air...trees,hills,woods....I always prefered living at the country in a house and now my wish came true

  11.Collect rainwater for gardening use.My mom does that a lot

 12.It's funny , i found out that even stop using telephones is good for the enviroment....the reason why it's funny is that i actually hate phones, i don't use them for the pleasure of chatting, only when I realy have to, with my family

13.GET RID OF THE BED.Many leading chiropractors say that sleeping on the floor, with no mattress or cushion, is the best way to sleep.
Where I used to live in the city I didn't realy had a bed, just a mattress and I was sleeping better,Now that I'm using a bed I kind of have trouble sleeping so I'm seriously thinking about  finding a way to get rid of my bed.

14.Limit or eliminate your use of "disposable" items. I  do it.And it's a great feeling when you know eliminate disposable things

A few more things you can do:

I'm single but if you have a mate you can
 I mean seriously, what's better then a shower with your girl/man for the sake of the Earth?

.2.Never throw spent batteries in the trash. They contain mercury, a hazardous substance that will leak into groundwater or be burned and released into the air. Don't go there. Either switch to rechargeable batteries or collect used batteries in a shoebox out in the garage, clearly marked. Then take them to a recycling facility once or twice a year. 

3.Styrofoam Lasts a Really, Really, REALLY long time - Try 500 years. Or more. Think about millions of burger boxes, packing peanuts, and take-out containers, sitting in landfills, not biodegrading. Then buy eggs in cardboard, rather than styrofoam, containers.

Here's a link to a place where you can find more tips about what you can do for our Mother Earth

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