I see a bright future for us

You know I wrote these days about natural beauty.Well, my mom bought me a magazine and guess what I saw there?A few guys joining the campaign started by Nivea, a campain promoting natural beauty.It's a great thing to see that men care about women that much, that men actually prefer us with no make-up.Let's face it girls, most of us actually use all those chemicals (called make-up) for guys...because we want to be perfect like those girls from the commercials

.Guess what?Guys don't even want a perfect girl.Flaws actually make you unique, they can even be cute sometimes.Belive me, I'm talking from experience....it's not a little part of your body that matters, the important thing is the general image.So what if you have a big nose?maybe you have big boobs as well and that's a plus for you....what if your boobs are too small?maybe your face is so cute that guys don't even care about anything else.Here are 2 links if you wanna read what  Bobby Voicu,Adrian Ciubotaru and Dragos Bucurenci say about natural beauty


Besides that...I'm sure everyone knows about the scandals with anorexic girls...designers, tv and all showing us all those skinny girls and saying that's how a girl should look like ,did a lot of harm, put many young girls into hospitals because of starving.....But if you know the latest knews...people are changing these standards, designers forbid anorexic girls from modelling, in magazines you can see know many girls with curves...

The world is actually changing in a better way...

Mybe you'll say: "No, you're wrong! what about wars, natural disasters?what about 2012? "

Let's start with the beginning:11 september attak , Irak, Chile, Haiti, economic crisis, unemployment, diseases...yes, all of these are bad things.But I'm hopeful and I'm very sure that all this pain is not in vain.Like I always say from a "thiny" bad thing it comes out a huge good thing.We needed the worst, so that we learn how to get the best.All these events make people opend their eyes, open their hearths, help each other, understand better our needs...

You can say what you want but I already see the change, I feel it in my bones, in  the air I breathe
I have no more doubts
I used to think there's no future for us, that we are all doomed.But NOOOO!
I see HOPE
I see a bright future

And the year 2012 when it's supposed to be the end of the world...well, we are scared but why don't we realise the "the end of the worls" has so many meanings....

Let me give you an example: when your pain(when you're wounded) ends (because you heal) is that a bad thing?Would you like to stop the healing because you're afraid of the word"end"?

When you're in a bad relationship that causes you a lot of pain/trouble(maybe a husband who beats you) and you decide to end it, is that a bad thing?just because it's an end?and after that end you're going to be happy with someone else, is that still a bad thing?

Every end is nothing else but a new begining.....I don't see an end as bad thing, as something I should be afraid of....Hell no, I am actually grateful  for any "end", I'm happy when something end, even if a good thing comes to an end, because I know there's a better thing waiting for me just around the corner...An end means you get a second/thirth./fourth...chance..it means you can start a new life, it's your rebirth...

So..No! The year2012 is not what you think...we ain't gonna die..but it will die a huge piece of our darkness, and that hole that remains there,we are going to fill it with more light...more love...

2012 it will be "the end" of a dark age...and the birth of a  "golden age"

And the change it will be made inside  of each human being.

We are smart, we are strong, we are good, so we won't fail...we can turn this world into a better one 


You might say movies are a crappy unreal thing....but there's some truth between the lines.I just saw yesterday a scene where an archangel,Gabriel told his brother Lucifer that he's not on Lucifer's side, neither on the other angels's side.He's with the humans.for the reason that  humans are better then angels, because they try to change, they try to be better.

I'm not saying now that we really are better then angels.I haven't seen one yet face to face so that I could make a comparison.But I know how much we try to change, how hard it is for us to fight with our dark sides, and still, we never give up.And every time we fail, we sin, we feel sorry about that.And maybe that's why God loves us, because we always try to please him, or even if we are not such great belivers in the religious stuff, we stilll try to be good.

Have faith!

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