I'm wondering....

(That's what I actually had in  my mind when I started the previous post)

Why those girls who live in a village are not at all skinny?
Let my explain how that question appeared in the first place...
The house I moved in -a few months ago- has a garden(actually 2) ...and me and my mom agreed that it would be a shame to leave it like that with herbs growing like in the amazonian forest...so we planned to plant some flowers and some vegetables( with the food you can find on the market these days....it's better to eat you own stuff-i mean, vegetables that grown in your own garden wich are 100% safe and natural)...

So..saying it's easy but when it actually comes the day of doing it...many things can stop the process...like my mother doesn't have the time to do everything by herself....I wasn't the type of girl who would've get her hands dirty by doing some gardening but...
1. I have so much free time 
2.I'm bored
3.gardening is a good way to burn calories
4. my mom can't do it alone
5.I'm such a nice girl lately and I like helping
6. I like it when the neighbours see me working and praise  me for beeing such a good and hard-working girl..so I decided to take the job( I mean taking care of my garden)

So today I did it...I did one of the hardest things: I colected the branches and stakes and put them on fire( and you might say what the hell is hard about doing that...well, amongst other things the worst part it was that I got myself stung in all those nasty spines ...)

But after 2 hours I was done...and here it comes what I wanted to say, what made me ask that question( the one thatIi wrote in the begining): after I did the job( it sound so funny saying "the job" like... who knows what  was I actually doing HeHe :))   )   I realised I was so sweaty.. like I would've been after two hours of running ( and trust me, I used to ran 2 hours so I know what it's like...) ...

So here comes my question: if I sweat so much in two hours it means I burn more then 500 calories...so a girl who does these kind of works daily( even more hours a day), she should lose a lot of weight and should be really skinny...but they are not...most of them are even the opposite

Probably because:
1.They work more but they also eat more( but how's that i don't understand 'cause when i work more i eat less)
2.They don't actually work that much( as far as I  know, these days, girls who live in villages are even more emancipated then the city girls,so it's obvious why they don't work, they wanna behave like ladies )

But either way...It's a great feeling after working so hard...i felt like I've lost 5 kilos...maybe 1 kilo  week a will ...

So girls around the world, if you wanna lose weight, forget  about diet, just get your own garden, and put your ass to work

P.S.  I should've put a picture with me gardening...maybe next time :)

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