My hate list

1.Cell phones and those who keep calling me even if I told them a thousand times not to...wanna be in touch with me, text me, but don't call, it's my right to dislike it and you should respect that if you wanna be a part of my life

2.meat and people that try to force me to eat it.Did I ever forced anyone to eat soy just because i like it?No, I don't think so...So...respect my food choices.. of time...waste of money...i rather buy things only when I really need them

4.jeans...I never wear them...

5.liars and lies...I always tell people I rather have them telling me an ugly and painful truth, then a pretty lie

6.people that stop talking to me when they realise I'm not as dumb as they thought

7.people that judge others

8.people that act like i own them something and i must obey, when actually it's the opposite,

9.those who think without them I would be miserable

10.those who tell me when I'm sad that everything will be ok .Yes you dumb ass, of course I know one day It'll be ok, but what am I going to do until that day?

11.those who think that only because I look pretty much ok, I am actually ok

12.those who treat me like a robot and think I can do anything, I'm unbreakable..and I can be fixed until the limit time is reached

13.those who think that love is enough to make a relationship work

14.those who put pressure on me to do something

15.those who dosn't understand that a NO is a NO

16. on a date, going to have some drinks in a way...i rather go just for a walk...or..if with my boyfriend, I rather spend more time at home

17.sea's waves ...I'm a little scared of them, even if I know how to swim

18.people that ask me things that are too private

19.buses..i rather travel with a train

20.sweat...smelly sweat in a crowded bus in a hot summer day

21.people taking decisions related to me, without my approval

22.those who say they know what's best for me

23.those who say they will help me because they care about me, but they actually do nothing, they only keep repeating that they will..

24.promises...people usually don't keep their promisses so I never trust them when they make one, I was too many times dissappointed

25.married guys...trying to have a relationship with me, forgeting to mention they have a wife

26.guys who think they can buy me with, sorry, not that Mercedes, neither that LEXUS can impress me ...

27.People that criticise a lot. Like my brother.Mind your one bussiness!

28.guys that doesn't treat me right when they have me, they leave me or lose me and then, when they realise they can't get a beeter one, they want me back saying how much I mean to them, how sorry they are for not knowing what a great girl I am...sorry but when you ditched can't get me back...

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