The light doesn't come from light, but from dark

"The light doesn't come from  light, but from  dark"   (Mircea Eliade)
"Man needs what's worst in him in order to achieve what's best in him(Paulo Coelho)
Two quotes from two of my favourites writers...Two quotes revealing the same thing.Two quotes in wich you can find hope and strenght.They teach you that you can get something good from every bad thing.Things that you always hated when they happend, bad memories, as much pain as they caused you in the past , you may not know it but  they influence  your future in ways you are not aware about. In a good way.And if you haven't had experienced those bad things, many of the good things from the present would've never came into your life.

Bad things in my life(in the past) wich lead to good ones(in the present):

 I never understood why, but girls  never seemed to like me....So, even since i was 5-6 years old, I couldn't find a girl to be my friend, so I had to play with boys....I guess  I became a little bit of a tom-boy....I  used to play with cars instead of dolls, I used to play football...Even when I grew up I still couldn't find a girl friend. My best friends were always guys. But as dissappointed as I was because of I realise how much I actually achived  being around boys all the time.They always saw me as one of them they never hide themselves from me, they talk freely about anything around me.And that's how I ended  up knowing perfectly what's in a guy's mind, but also in his soul. I've learned how to "read" guys at first sight. And that helps me now in my relationships, that also makes me a better girlfriend because I can understand a man's nature better then other girls do.That makes me more understanding...

Another thing I used to hate is that until I was 8 years old  I've spent  most of the time living with my grandparents.I still hate my mom sometimes for that She made me feel unloved, unwanted, rejected...and I guess that's the reason why I'm still so scared of rejection in the present. But still, there are plenty of good things that came out from this bad one. I  was kind of a rebel because I didn't really had someone to take care of me("I had no daddy around when I was growing up, that's why I'm wild and crazy and I don't give a fuck":P). You know how grandparents are, they are busy with their own stuff ,so they can't really keep an eye on you all the time. And besides that, it's easier to trick them. So I had a lot of freedom at my disposal. I never cared about rules, I never feared the unknown side of the world, I was always taking risks, and then paying the consequences. And those things influenced the way I am today. That's the reason why, when the  world is turning right, I'm the one who's turning left. Because of that I was never afraid of changes and consequences. Because of that I've learned to manage on my own, to count on no one but me, to be strong without needing any support. Because of that I don't obey without asking why should I ?Because of that I am not affraid to walk on my own path, even if it's an unwalked path,dangerous,and hard one.Because of that I can do anything I want because I can adapt to any kind of emviroment

First year of highschool was like walking through hell...It was so bad that I don't even wanna talk about it. Just think, how bad can be somethings to make you stop going out. How bad can be something to make you spend all your free time at home..for a few years...You have no idea how bad it was. But you know what I've gained from that? I focused all my time on school...I've spend my free time reading..and that made me wiser..that turned me into a girl hungry for knowledge. That was the year when I started to write.That was the  year when I started to be interested in more deeper stuff. And if those bad things from that year would've never happened,now i would be 100% different. I would be a girl like any other.A girl interested only in fashion and  guys.

And the list with bad things wich lead me to good ones is so long that I could write many pages,But I hope I made my point witth these few examples.

What I was trying so say is that we shouldn't fear bad things, pain, mistakes, dark...because there's light hidden in  their darkness...because from a bad thing we achive a lot, things that lasts forever, instead from a good thing you achieve nothing, but a temporary satisfaction.

So fear not my friend, you'll see one day, maybe when you'll be older, that I was right...
You'll se the light...
And you'll understand that darkness is only the container and light is the essence
Light is just covered in darkness, so it might be hard for you to see it sometimes, but light is always there, and you can always find it if you want
So fear not

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